The call is open for your applications to study under the ICM Erasmus+ programme in Albania (or Montenegro). The call for applications to the University of Vlore, Albania, is especially addressed to the students of English Philology, English in Public Communication, Master of Liberal Arts and other programmes in the Faculty of Philology as these groups are prioritized. You can also apply for the University of Montenegro, but the priority is given to another faculty here. Refer to the call and read it carefully in order to prepare your application and submit it via email to dr. Michał Wanke ( by May 14, 23.59 CEST. If you have any inquiries, contact dr. Wanke via email or MS Teams.

University of Vlore is a longtime partner of our faculty and it offers a unique opportunity to study in English at one of the nation’s top universities, but also to make intercultural encounters at the intersection of many mediterian cultures.