The buddy mentor program at the University of Opole is an essential part of Erasmus student`s life. In simple words – we are a group of regular students with a bit of knowledge of English and a lot of engagement in communicating with people and creating something new.

The Buddy Mentor Program is driven by three primary goals: supporting the integration of incoming Erasmus students into a foreign environment, personal growth of our mentors, and last but not least – having fun all together!

In the past year, we successfully organized over 20 events, in different locations of Opole and other cities of Poland.

The Buddy Mentor Program at the University of Opole has made significant strides over the past year through a range of diverse events that promote cultural integration, entertainment, and personal development. We organized engaging activities, including Turkish Culture Night, Moldavian Culture Night, and a thought-provoking trip to Auschwitz, fostering intercultural dialogue, expanding horizons, and nurturing mutual understanding. Our entertaining outings to the zoo, Odra tour, and visits to Arboretum Wojslawice allowed students to connect with nature, enjoy leisure time together, and forge lasting friendships. Additionally, we curated visits to enriching locations like the Modern Art Museum, Museum UO, and the Museum of Opolian Silesia, providing valuable opportunities for self-reflection, artistic exploration, and intellectual stimulation.

The Buddy Mentor Program at the University of Opole stands as a vital pillar of support for Erasmus students, fostering integration, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences. Through our diverse range of events, we have successfully cultivated a welcoming environment that promotes cultural understanding and intercultural dialogue. As we reflect on our achievements of the past year, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional guidance, support, and a platform for students to thrive in their academic and personal journeys.

Join us at the Buddy Mentor Program and unlock the full potential of your academic experience in University of Opole: