On 18th May Ayşegül Albe Özdemir, English Language Lecturer had an opportunity to conduct classes at the Faculty of Philology within Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. Ayşegül graduated from Çukurova University, English Language Teaching department and she works as an English as a Foreign Language Instructor at Eskişehir Osmangazi University. She is interested in English in Public Communication as she has been giving Communication Skills courses and she is also interested in different perspectives of students on Expository Writing & Technical Writing.

She has had a chance to visit many other cities in Poland before, yet this was her first time in Opole. She has chosen Opole University because of the similarities between Opole and Eskişehir in terms of the natural heritages made her so curious that she wouldn’t like to miss a chance to observe two different lifestyles in two different cities. Also, the variety of courses offered by renowned academics at the University of Opole was very influential for her in choosing the University of Opole.

Before the class, Dorota Kaminska,MA- the instructor of the course -warmly welcomed Ayşegül in the building and introduced her to the class. During the classes she focused on the ‘Unity & Coherence’ while writing paragraphs, she had a presentation about the strategies that need to be considered in terms of the Unity & Coherence. She also made a presentation about Eskisehir, the city where she lives and about Eskişehir Osmangazi University so that the students from the University of Opole could become familiar with Turkey, may be encouraged to visit this country one day and have an opportunity to study there.

There was also a practical part during which the students took part in the activities to find the irrelevant sentences that breaks the unity of the paragraph, as well as choosing the meaningful transitional words to make coherent paragraphs. All students participated effectively during the practical part of the lesson and they contributed and shared their ideas on the topic. The students’ cooperation in tasks, curiosity about Eskişehir and Osmangazi University in the conducted courses was priceless and there had been a great chance to exchange knowledge about both Opole and Eskişehir cities.

During her visit, Ayşegül not only did she conducted courses at English in Public Communication department, but also attended the International Staff Week of Opole University, where she had an opportunity to have network with other instructors and administrative staff from 9 different universities of 7 different countries, which will be an invaluable chance for collaboration of future projects together.

Although this is the first time she spent in Opole, she believes that she will be back here very soon to exchange knowledge in the future collaborations.