Dear Students!

The new call for applications for mobilities is live. You can now apply for studies or traineeship abroad. Go to the Erasmus office website for details to see what our partner universities offer and what are the rules an regulations of the mobility:

Once you are informed, submit your application to the departmental coordinator, dr. Michal Wanke via email ( no later than March 10, 2023, including: application form (a template is published in the Erasmus office website) and a covering letter that explains your motivation for mobility. The letters will be evaluated in order to produce a ranking of applicants. We are interested the most, how your planned mobility is to contribute to your academic and personal development. Whether it is studies or training, explain how it builds on your studies up until now and what impact it may have on you as a student and a person in the future. Please, refer to the course offer of the partner university, professors’ profiles, the location specificity or the university speciality. We do consider how well you will have done your research on your host institution, the offered courses or training and we will reward the students who can substantiate their mobilities with actual data and vision on their self development.

Should you have any questions prior to submitting your application, please contact the Erasmus coordinator either via email or Teams. Please note that the Erasmus coordinator is in charge of the selection process, but your actual mobility will be supervised by the programme coordinator who will make sure that your courses are matching our educational effects at the UO.