Attention English Philology BA full time 1 year!
You are asked to choose your elective module for the rest of your semesters. There are four choices to consider.
Gr 1 English and Culture Studies
Gr 2 Translation Studies
Gr 3 English and Spanish
Gr 4 English and Italian
The enrollment is scheduled for 19.12-22.12.2022 via USOS web.
If you choose Gr 1 – sign up for 1.S3.EP.ESC.1     Culture and contemporary world
If you choose Gr 2 – sign up for 1.S3.EP.TS.1        General translation 1
If you choose Gr 3 – sign up for 1.S3.EP.ES.9       Spanish language and culture  
If you choose Gr 4 – sign up for 1.S3.EP.EI.9       Italian language and culture