PhD in English Language and Literature

Overview of the Programme:

The PhD Programme in English Language and Literature at the University of Opole, Poland, offers qualified candidates a unique opportunity to develop their research projects in the field of linguistics (both theoretical and applied) and literary studies. Doctoral students pursue an intensive and individualized course of study with experienced professors who are committed to facilitating the students’ intellectual development and scholarly achievements. Faculty professors of the Institute of English, University of Opole, where the PhD programme is based, are ready to share their expertise in a wide range of linguistic, literary, and cultural fields, such as historical linguistics, corpus linguistics, lexicography, literacy studies, second language acquisition, literary criticism and theory, as well as English, Irish, American or Australian literature. The duration of the PhD programme is four years. Doctoral students are expected to complete their obligatory coursework (core curriculum) during the initial two years of the programme and work on their dissertations participating in workshops and tutorials with their academic advisors in the third and fourth year. At the University of Opole, teaching is considered to be an integral part of academic training, thus every doctoral candidate will be given a chance to develop his or her teaching skills through a supervised teaching experience. Students may teach independent introductory courses or serve as teaching assistants for courses taught by a staff member of the Institute of English.

PhD programme

PhD Learning Outcomes

PhD Learning Outcomes for academic year 2017-2018








Class schedule  

PhD in English Language and Literature 2020/2021

PhD schedule winter 2020 / 2021

PhD schedule summer 2019 / 2020

PhD schedule winter 2019 / 2020


Teaching Staff:


prof. Dorota Brzozowska

prof. Łukasz Grabowski

prof. Janusz Malak

prof. Liliana Piasecka

prof. Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel

prof. Mirosława Podhajecka

prof. Jan Zalewski


prof. Marek Błaszak

prof. Ilona Dobosiewicz

prof. Jacek Gutorow

prof. Tadeusz Lewnadowski

prof. Paweł Marcinkiewicz

prof. Klara Szmańko

prof. Ryszard Wolny


Admission Procedures and Requirements:

Admission procedures PhD in English Language and Literature 2018

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Doctoral students admitted to the programme are eligible to apply for various types of scholarships funded by, among others,: the Rector of the University of Opole, the Mayor of Opole, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Scholarships are granted on the basis of students’ academic performance and community service. For further information, contact the PhD Programme coordinators at


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